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The goal of Impact1! is to help participants discover their innate strengths and
capabilities and to help them chart a successful course in life. In addition to hands-
on skills training, the construction portion of Impact1! affords a success model:
 Plan -> Process -> Teamwork -> Problem Solve -> Successful End Result



Since 2014 Impact1! has been reaching out to men in inner city Chattanooga with
unique and innovative training in life skills and general construction skills. Wayne
Moody is program administrator and construction skills trainer. Wayne Moody is the founder of Impact1! and conducts the construction skills training.  Wayne Brown provides success strategies training through the "PATH To Success" curriculum.  This curriculum was developed by Dr. David Banks specifically for the participants of Impact1!.


Throughout the week, Impact 1! continues training and mentoring through
professional work projects. Graduates earn money and learn additional skills as they
engage in remodeling, residential fencing, decks, porches, ramps, roofing, etc.
Class session are held twice a week. Tuesday sessions focus on “Path to Success”
training, and Thursday sessions focus on construction skills and problem solving.


Impact1! reaches out to motivated Chattanooga residents, regardless of their background.  Our graduates learn about their God-design through Dr. David Banks' "PATH To Success" life skills curriculum.  They also experience a hands-on success model through the construction skills led by Wayne Moody.


 Many of our participants have a criminal background, but our graduates have proven that they are more than their records.  Most of our graduates have worked on Impact1! construction projects.  Some of them are holding down full- or part-time jobs.  Some have engaged in their own businesses, improved their relationships, or cleared legal hurdles.

We've seen some miracles among our participants. Impact1! graduates become partners with us, always blessing us and often helping and encouraging each other.  What a privilege God has given us to serve alongside them!

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